Complete Talent Management Solutions

Senior Recruitment

Through a robust “end to end” management process, our skilled consultants apply a combination of traditional and modern techniques to attract and secure the right candidates in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.

Executive Search

Tapping into over 75 years of experience, our deep industry knowledge and personal connections in conjunction with a full research team provide our clients with powerful insight into the most sought-after leaders otherwise unobtainable to the market.

Executive Leasing

When you need someone for a short period of time it’s really important you get the right person the first time. We provide contractors or leased executives to perform as quickly as possible.

Leadership Transition

Unique to Saturn Group, we offer proven effective transition and succession planning programmes designed to help you assess the potential of your business, implement an action plan that delivers the best results and find the right talent to take your business forward.

Our Services