Meet the team - Rob Young, few words - big fire power!

This part is pretty simple.... rapid fire questions and answers.


1/ What is your role at Saturn Group / Platform 1? Managing Partner

2/ What industries do you specialise in? Construction, Property, Retail.

3/ What was your first job out of college / university? Accountant

4/ What is your passion outside work? Playing guitar, Skiing, boating

5/ Which companies / CEO’s do you look up to? Lee Iacocca, Jack Welch

6/ What would your best piece of advice be for someone coming in for an interview? Relax, be yourself.

7/ What animal are you most like? Golden Retriever

8/ What motivates you? Growing a successful business

9/ What is your drink of choice? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sparkling water. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Craft beer.

10/ Lastly – what is the last music you bought / downloaded? Justin Towns-Earl