Meet the team - Geoff Shaw. the Man with 'true' style

1/ What is your role at Saturn Group / Platform 1?

Partner for Saturn in Executive Search projects across the North Island in leadership Marketing and Sales roles plus Graduate programmes

Lower North Island Partner for Platform 1 based in Wellington


2/ What industries do you specialise in?





3/ What was your first job out of college / university?

Graduate Sales Coordinator for 3M


4/ What is your passion outside work?

Mainly music – I play guitar and sing, mainly in Wellington plus various places around the North Island for fun and with others


5/ Which companies / CEO’s do you look up to?

Many of my long term clients- Sanitarium for their values and focus on people and wellbeing, 


6/ What would you best piece of advice be for someone coming in for an interview?


7/ What is your drink of choice?

Depends what music I am playing – single malt for blues,  rum if sailing, craft beer in Wellington and aromatic whites elsewhere


8/ Lastly – what is the last music you bought / downloaded?

Miles Calder and the Rumours and also Hollie Smith Water for Gold