Meet the Team - Craig Williams

1/ What is your role at Saturn Group / Platform 1?
I am  a consultant in the Business based in Auckland.

2/ What industries do you specialise in?
I specialise in senior recruitment and executive search mainly in the Industrial and Manufacturing sectors.

3/ What was your first job out of college / university?
My first role out of College was as a Trainee Car Salesman selling Vehicles for the Austin Rover Group.

4/ What is your passion outside work?
Outside of work my passions are spending time with friends and family eating good food and of course drinking good wine, also spending as much time as possible with my 9 year old daughter either at the pool or of late Skiing.

5/ Which companies / CEO’s do you look up to?
Not sure I really look up to any CEO’s as such but if I had to pick one it would probably be Richard Branson.

6/ What would you best piece of advice be for someone coming in for an interview?
Best piece of advice for someone coming in or going to an interview is be yourself , and remember the subject matter is you and who knows you best (you do) that should settle any nerves.

7/ What animal are you most like?
Maybe a Bulldog as I do have a never give up attitude.

8/ What motivates you?
What motivates me and gets me up in the morning is placing people in their dream roles.

9/ What is your drink of choice?
My drink of choice either a good Sav from  Marlborough or a Shiraz from South Australia.

10/ Lastly – what is the last music you bought / downloaded?
The last music I downloaded was David Bowie as I am going to his tribute show Ultimate Bowie in a couple of weeks.