New Zealand's shortage of fundraisers. A recruiter's view

New Zealand's shortage of fundraisers. A recruiter's view by Brad Stewart | Partner | Saturn Group

Over the past eight years specialising in executive appointments in the Not for Profit (NFP) sector, I am yet to find a category of candidate which is more challenging to secure than a great (not good) Fundraiser.

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Hiring Graduates: Is brightest always best?

“Are just one or two indicators good enough when it comes to hiring a graduate? Professional firms use the resources found with SelectorInsight to ensure they single out the best and most appropriate candidates for the role.“

For many professional firms, key hiring decisions focus on the current year’s graduates and whether these applicants will add value to their organisation. Since quite high costs are usually associated with the appointment of graduates (induction and training, coaching and secondment, real work exposure opportunities, and performance-lag until they are proficient in the role), choosing a fully suitable person is crucial. Professional firms cannot afford the luxury of taking on someone who will later prove unsuccessful – or, equally importantly, risk failing to select someone who later turns out to be a star performer for a competitor.

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Five Great Questions

Five Great Questions to Ask At Interview

When you attend an interview (actually we prefer to call it a meeting), the initial phase will be the interviewing Manager asking questions around your skills and capabilities in order to reconfirm in their mind that you can do the job from a skill base perspective.

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